Re: Rebuild Index?

From: Lyall personal <>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 07:23:24 -0500
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I've never seen an index rebuild gaining significant performance benefits. If that's really his last resort, i'd tell him to look at the application use of this table and index first. 
If the was a massive archiving or batch load recently, there's definitely cause for a rebuild. But...
Also, just a shot in the dark, you said lots of inserts, updates and deletes right? Is it a bitmap or normal index? I've seen OLTP applications grind to a halt over time with bitmap indexes on tables that get worked on a lot. Therefore change index to a normal one, that would be a better reason to rebuild it then that it's larger then the table. 


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From: Karth Panchan
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Subject: Rebuild Index?


We have table with lot of insert/update/delete every day. High OLTP application in 11g R2 on Linux.

To gain performance my teammate recommend Rebuild index.

His assumption Index size should be less than table size. Other wise we need to rebuild index.

Is that correct? Want get your thoughts.

I am skeptic after Reading Asktom and Jonathan Lewis blog. Both of them claim need good metrics and it is last option.



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