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Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 11:56:35 -0500
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Enabling Flashback DB and having enough space for your Archive logs is critical for non-prod change management. Its pretty common in non-prod to do a build and then the build changes. The ability to flashback is critical to handle this.

however, in non-prod you often run into archive log space issues and developers/testers could generate alot of archive log space. This is often better handled on DBs that do not have flashback on. This can require alot of cloning. The 2 easiest ways to handle this in non-prod

  1. run DBs in VM and clone the entire VM. Save the VM before the test and restore that. This is for when developers/testers need to do stuff that generates more archive than you can sit on dev/test. You have very little space. if not you will be doing alot of RMAN clones which can a hassle(since builds changes multiple times before a release).
  2. SAN level utilities like Flash copy or BCVs if your company has the hardware for this are great. I was on a project with a 10+ TB prod DB. The SAs made us scripts that we had execute privileges on so we can do a BCV sync and restore to grab current copies of production for testing. We had the whole recovery scripted. It was great for testing builds against production prior to a release and for performance testing.

most shops wont have #2.

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> You can also look at Datical for a packaged solution built around
> Liquibase with multiple additional features.
> I have no ties with them but have seen their demo.
> Raj

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