Re: db backup on tape and archive log backup on disk

From: Stojan Veselinovski <>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 10:51:55 +1100
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Hi Max,

Yes, you can have the archive logs backups got to a different area.

I don't really understand your requirements and why they'd go to difference places when you can do an backup archivelog as compressed and delete input on a regular basis to tape to clear up space issues.

If you do an mv then you need to make sure you catalog the moved files.  Just makes things harder and a lot more error prone.

Also, what are your nfs mount point settings?


On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 6:39 AM, max scalf <> wrote:

> Hello List,
> I just wanted to get some ideas on a problem we have and a solution that
> we might put in place and see what the community think about it. RMAN
> backup with multiple versions/multiple OS
> We backup our DB to symatic pure disk appliance. This goes over NFS and
> lately we been seeing some performance issue on backup. Especially our big
> DB backup time they been increasing as more and more system backup are
> being added to this pure disk appliance(but its not pure disk fault). So
> we tried another option that was to do our Backup, but using the netbackup
> tape library simulation(at the end of the day it writes to the pure disk
> appliance but goes though netbackup media server). The backup times are
> very different. For a 1TB backup going through NFS is taking about 5hours,
> while backup going through Netbackup is taking less than an hour. Big
> difference. Sad part is we have 10Gig cards install on these server. So
> seems like NFS is not able to push out that much data to the symantic pure
> disk appliance while the netbackup media server is able to push out
> data(and push it out fast).
> so we are going to move our backup to go though netbackup. My question
> is, can i have my archive log backup to go disk/NFS(were i can see them)
> and have my database backup go to NBU(i cannot see these as its not a
> NFS)...if so what are some of the pros/cons of this type of setup..the
> reason why we want to do this is because we have space constraints on where
> our archive logs are setup and we have to be constantly be moving archive
> log around and using that NFS helps big time. As its a simple mv cmd from
> archive log directory to NFS directory(but when netbackup in place we
> cannot do that)
> That is why i wanted to ask the community on what are some pros/cons on
> this. Once thing i can think of is, when doing restore/recovery that might
> be harder(as now my DB backup is coming from SBT_TAPE per say and archive
> logs are comming from DISK).
> P.S.
> I have tried DNFS as well, but we got maybe 10% improvement but nothing
> like going through netbackup.


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