db backup on tape and archive log backup on disk

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Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 13:39:21 -0600
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Hello List,

I just wanted to get some ideas on a problem we have and a solution that we might put in place and see what the community think about it. RMAN backup with multiple versions/multiple OS

We backup our DB to symatic pure disk appliance. This goes over NFS and lately we been seeing some performance issue on backup. Especially our big DB backup time they been increasing as more and more system backup are being added to this pure disk appliance(but its not pure disk fault). So we tried another option that was to do our Backup, but using the netbackup tape library simulation(at the end of the day it writes to the pure disk appliance but goes though netbackup media server). The backup times are very different. For a 1TB backup going through NFS is taking about 5hours, while backup going through Netbackup is taking less than an hour. Big difference. Sad part is we have 10Gig cards install on these server. So seems like NFS is not able to push out that much data to the symantic pure disk appliance while the netbackup media server is able to push out data(and push it out fast).

so we are going to move our backup to go though netbackup. My question is, can i have my archive log backup to go disk/NFS(were i can see them) and have my database backup go to NBU(i cannot see these as its not a NFS)...if so what are some of the pros/cons of this type of setup..the reason why we want to do this is because we have space constraints on where our archive logs are setup and we have to be constantly be moving archive log around and using that NFS helps big time. As its a simple mv cmd from archive log directory to NFS directory(but when netbackup in place we cannot do that)

That is why i wanted to ask the community on what are some pros/cons on this. Once thing i can think of is, when doing restore/recovery that might be harder(as now my DB backup is coming from SBT_TAPE per say and archive logs are comming from DISK).

I have tried DNFS as well, but we got maybe 10% improvement but nothing like going through netbackup.

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