Overwriting/deleting blobs

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I've been asked by our security department if there's a way to overwrite a blob in the database but I don't know of any way to do it. I asked my trusted coworker Google if there was a way to do it but he didn't have any good ideas either. I would love to ask Oracle but this app didn't think purchasing support from Oracle was important. So, I come to the most knowledgable DBAs in the world to ask for help.

Something tells me that it's not just as easy as inserting a new blob in the table as I would guess that it would have to be the exact same size as the current blob. Also, could I guarantee that it would be placed in the exact same blocks/segments that the current blob is in.

So, is there a way to "securely" overwrite/delete the current blob? What are my options, if any.

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