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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 15:47:15 +0000
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You should have your company consider MySQL. If you're doing OLTP and need it fast and available.

Sai makes some good points. I've heard a lot of people at my company complaining about the cost of SQLServer being just as much as Oracle all around.

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There are in general more reasons to stay with Oracle for any OLTP application, that requires availability (99.9 or more) and ability to scale horizontally, than to be on any other database. As you said, if you believe your application is better off on Oracle, you may consider looking it options like database consolidation, implementing ILM, addressing any database performance problems application may be experiencing to reduce cost of Oracle footprint. This savings combined with the cost of developers needing to learn new way of writing sql, T-sql, code it around for read locks, read consistency, etc may prove that you end up spending more money on Sql server.

The only definitive way to make big decisions like moving to a different database vendor is by doing a POC with your data and your application, and clearly demonstrate pros and cons of each database for your use case.


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