RE: OCFS2 certified with EL 6 (RH or Oracle) ?

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Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 09:35:36 -0600
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So, it appears that Oracle is leaving OCFS2 builds up to RedHat now for the RedHat specific kernels (including support) starting with Red Hat 6.

Does anyone know if the Red Hat network has OCFS2 rpms for RH 6? (I don't have a RH subscription)

" We continue to fully support OCFS2 as part of Oracle Linux and the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and other vendors make their own decisions on support as it's really a Linux cluster filesystem now more than something that we provide to customers. It really just is part of Linux like EXT3 or BTRFS etc, the OS distribution vendors decide."

Also see notes: 1253272.1, 1089399.1


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Subject: OCFS2 certified with EL 6 (RH or Oracle) ?

I'm having a hard time locating on metalink a certification matrix for EL 6 and OCFS2. Does one exist? Looking at documentation it appears to only be supported up to v. 5 of both Oracle/RH Linux 6 but it's not spelled out anywhere.

Anyone have a note id handy that shows it is certified/supported on EL 6?

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