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From: Rick Weiss <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 08:39:57 -0700
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I really want to get started learning these, I have been stuck with command line SQL and basic .bat and .sh implementations for years Are there any real good beginner primers for these (other than Jared's great book from 12-15 years ago) that could kick start me into the new and glorious world?

I have attended some intro sessions _at_ Open World on Perl, but by the time you fight your way out of the city to airport and fly home, the info has pretty much been absorbed by the cobwebs in the cranial cavity.

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On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 8:31 AM, Rich Jesse <> wrote:

> David writes:
> > Something "pro" for perl that hasn't been mentioned directly (as a must
> for
> > DBAs) is efficiency for row processing.
> I especially like the "sysseek" implementation that I use in my log checker
> that quickly skips over the start of the file that I don't want to process.
> And my perl script needed two lines changed and one "if" block to handle
> running properly on Windows from being developed solely on Unix.
> I don't have much python to compare to perl, but Gentoo's Portage package
> (in python) has the earmarks of being inefficient as CPU and disk both go
> full-tilt during management operations, especially if a large historical
> repository is maintained. If I get bored, I may have to convert my log
> checker to py someday...
> Rich
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