Re: Deferred segment creation and datapump

From: Norman Dunbar <>
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 19:38:43 +0000
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Hi Martin,

 > Exporting >5TB with expdp to ASM or a large file system works.
> I'm using PARALLEL for that, and a matching number of DUMPFILEs.
Ok, that's fine. I'm exporting from a legacy system that is still running mostly Oracle 7.3 client on the desktop and only just about 10g on the servers. Extra terabytes of disc are not available, so it's TTs all the way.

Stick the data files into read only, and offload them to tape. There's no spare disc capacity to copy them elsewhere I'm afraid.

If I could do it easier, I would, unfortunately Oracle's deferred segment feature in EE but not in SE has somewhat got in the way of an efficient migration between data centres.

> The time it takes is a different thing, but maybe it's something you can
> scale up with hardware if you need it frequently.
It's a migration project to 11g, we do it a couple of times in testing and to get timescales, the we cut over for real at some point. After that, we don't need to do it again (for this particular system).

> My major problem in this thread was that I responded to the wrong guy.
I'm putting it down to the fact that you are, given your name, possibly not of UK descent and therefore it could just be a language thing. No offence taken by the way and I do appreciate your input - thanks.


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