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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2013 18:24:24 +0000
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Thanks for the document reference. It looks pretty much like what is in the Documentation. It doesn't clearly state whether LUNs should be partitioned or not, but I get the impression you can use them as is.

Anyone else have thoughts or knowledge?

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I would suggest that you maintain partitions for ASM because metadata for the device is still local and can be overwritten by accident. This following oracle note indicates this as well:

How to Prepare Storage for ASM [ID 452924.1]

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This is reaching back in my memory, so I'm sure someone will have more specifics, but as I recall, there used to be a variety of situations where you wanted to use partitioned disks. For example, EMC PowerPath used to have issues with non-partitioned disks and ASM, there were some 10gR2 bugs, some storage-driver specific issues, etc. For years, we always recommended to our customers that they partition, but it seems that as of (maybe recent?) 11gR2, whole disks works fine, and indeed, I see more and more organizations using whole disks. This also probably dovetails with the decline of ASMlib on Linux, as storage admins and Linux itself get better at disk labeling, removing the value of ASMlib.


On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 11:36 AM, Walker, Jed S <> wrote:

> We get LUNs from various storage devices for building our RACs. They
> guy who taught me how to set things up said to partition the LUNs so
> I've always done that with fdisk; however, recently someone else built
> a RAC and and said he did not partition the LUNs. So, Do I only need
> to partition if the storage is actual raw disks, but not when it is a
> LUN from a storage unit?
> Thanks,
> Jed
> FYI - This system is RH6.2 for Oracle RAC.
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