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Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 09:16:16 +0100
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I have been confronted to a situation where setting the cursor_sharing parameter to FORCE worked as a temporary work around. A summary of this situation can be found here:

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Mohamed Houri

2013/1/22 Stojan Veselinovski <>

> Hi Chris,
> As per recommendations(?) from EMC we have it set in 1 or our
> databases. A DBA out in the the business set it on the fly in a
> another prod environment believing he had a parsing problem (different
> application) with pretty dire consequences.
> These are the only 2 databases out of 50+ that have had it set to
> FORCE at any one point in time.
> I'm just starting on a performance tuning project which is looking at
> the custom interface developed for EMC Documentum and the various
> issues they are having around it. The product uses its own version of
> SQL called DQL - hence the cursor_sharing=force. Going to be a
> challenge to get this running well. Also, from what I can see early on
> most fields are made not null and a whitespace is added when they
> should be null : )
> To be fair to the product, at this stage I'm not sure if it's an issue
> with Custom developed code or the base product and I'm not even sure
> if the cursor_sharing=force is specified in their documentation or was
> a recommendation by the people that set it up.
> Stojan.
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Bien Respectueusement
Mohamed Houri

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