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From: Gints Plivna <>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 09:01:52 +0200
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Others are at least close catching up.
About a year ago got a strange order by result on our development M$ SQL Server. Filled request, get contacted by two nice persons from Greece, explained to both of them detailed problem scenario, got answer something like "I'm searching for a solution' and then silence. As it was development server and software "to be made after not so close period", month passed and I got mail - the month has passed, you are not providing anything, we are going to close your request, we hope you are satisfied, please fill feedback. Strangely, I wasn't satisfied at all. After a phone call yelling whatever could find, sending e-mails to all contacts I could found in two previously mentioned nice person answers, my request was transfered to a person in Germany, She resolved it as known bug in 1,5 days. So the right person is the answer :)


2013/1/7 Sriram Kumar <>:
> dont think this would have been consistently possible in any industry
> outside

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