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Hey, I resemble that remark! ;)

In many ways, the extensions exchange is almost legacy now, if you have 12c installed. The Self-Update functionality is always going to be more up to date since the process of getting material released on OTN is more manual than the Self-Update stuff is.


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I may be wrong, but Alex Gorbachev did present on an EM12c plug-in for MySQL at RMOUG in February.  It may not be signed off by Oracle yet, but it may be out there... Here is a screen shot from a week ago, so I know he's working on it! :)!/alexgorbachev/statuses/200816263293960192

We need Mr. Pete Sharman to answer for the rest of those plug-ins.  He's on Aussie time and it's the weekend there, but he'll find this email, trust me...he's like that... :D  
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Hey Alan,

>  Here's my research so far:
>>From the OEM Extension Exchange:
> 12c
> GoldenGate        NO
> MySQL              NO
> MSSQL              NO
If you go into EM 12c, Setup->Extensibility->Self Update, you should see that plug-ins for at least GG and SS are available.

Licensing, however, is a completely different topic...

HTH!  GL! Rich



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