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From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 20:46:07 +1000
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Stephens, Chris wrote,on my timestamp of 16/05/2012 5:22 AM:
> I understand many still like to see business logic placed outside of the database and that ORM's are very popular but I didn't expect to see experienced software developers to have opinions like this:
>> From what I can tell, this guy has written a several very popular books and articles on software development.
> Not sure why I'm posting this to the list other than the fact that I just didn't expect something like this to pop up in my RSS reader.

A few weeks ago at work when some insane, ignorant imbecile came around telling us all how "backwards" we were for "not looking into big data", I explained the following:

We have moved waaaay further than all that "big data" nonsense! We are now looking at a much better and totally original concept: "Beyond Data"!
It's utterly simple: we just take a guess and then fudge a few figures and spreadsheet graphics to make a "reality match" possible. Look at the advantages:

1- No need for expensive very large storage facilities.
2- No need for expensive and outdated backup facilities.
3- No need for extremelly expensive and unmanageable Exa-this-and-that hardware.
4- No need to spend enormous amounts developing "bigger than Ben-Hur" 
application software projects in Outer Mongolia. 5- Cheap cloud provisioning inbuilt in the whole process - indeed some might say it's the whole process!

Apparently he didn't like the concept and left, fuming. Ah well, what can I say? "architect 1.0"?...

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