Re: OT: sheltered little world i live in -> NODB?

From: Rodd Holman <>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 16:20:03 -0500
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I've been watching this and will first lay out the disclaimer... I am a DBA... That said, I agree that there are apps that don't need the full power of an RDBMS behind them. However, we find ourselves here with many little one off apps. They were a "temporary" work around, or built for a specific use. Of course in the requirements, all parties agreed that each app would never be needed to integrate with another system or pass data into something else. Yeah, Right!
If at any point in the future your one-off/niche app needs to pass it's data to corporate systems for data analysis, warehousing, adhoc reporting, etc. you will want the power of a database behind it. If for no other reason than to make these integrations work with less pain to your developers that have the hateful task of nailing all these jello blobs to the wall.
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> I took it more as someone pointing out that not every application is a
> database application. We as DBA's have a great knowledge of database
> usage, but there is software out there that does not need a database behind
> it. And I have seen applications that use Oracle AQ when a simple fifo
> queue design with a single queue was all that was required to run the
> entire application.
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