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From: Peter Sharman <>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 17:01:23 -0700 (PDT)
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You may want to check bug 13584107 - CRITICAL ALERT IS TRIGGERED WHEN BLACKOUT ENDED EVEN THOUGH TARGET REMAIN UP to see if that's what you're encountering. This will be fixed in an upcoming patchset but there is also a one-off patch available if you want to apply it. Of course, you can set up notifications for blackout end, but I assume that's not what you've done. ;)

For the admin groups/notifications area, possibly too late for you but in case others are interested there is a whitepaper on monitoring best practices which includes guidance for use of admin groups, templates, notifications, etc. in EM12c. We have made significant changes in this area. The whitepaper is available at:


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I have been pretty happy with 12c since we started rolling it out in our environment. I would suggest spending some time to get the hang of how to setup groups/notifications/new features before you start adding too many targets. We had to start over a couple times to get things like we wanted.

The biggest issue I have had with 12c so far is that our availability notifications are getting sent out after a blackout completes. That is going to cause us to get paged for production systems that use cold backups once we add them.

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Announcing Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release Bundle Patch 1(BP1) and Plug-ins [ID 1395505.1]  

A good note to have. I am waiting for Solaris BP1 to be available.

Currently only avaible for Linux and Windows 64-bit.

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Subject: oem 11, or 12


    We're building a new environment with Rac 11g. We also plan to install grid control, version 12.

    Anyone have any experience, gotchas with GC 12 that they can share ?


ed lewis


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