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Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 14:25:07 +0000
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I have been pretty happy with 12c since we started rolling it out in our environment. I would suggest spending some time to get the hang of how to setup groups/notifications/new features before you start adding too many targets. We had to start over a couple times to get things like we wanted.

The biggest issue I have had with 12c so far is that our availability notifications are getting sent out after a blackout completes. That is going to cause us to get paged for production systems that use cold backups once we add them.

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Announcing Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release Bundle Patch 1(BP1) and Plug-ins [ID 1395505.1]  

A good note to have. I am waiting for Solaris BP1 to be available.

Currently only avaible for Linux and Windows 64-bit.

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Subject: oem 11, or 12


    We're building a new environment with Rac 11g. We also plan to install grid control, version 12.

    Anyone have any experience, gotchas with GC 12 that they can share ?


ed lewis

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