RE: EM 12c console times out after about 10 minutes

From: Brian Pardy <>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 13:09:47 +0000
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Hi Rich,

I see the same behavior on EM 12c BP1 (Linux x86-64 / SUSE 11).

I also get the "greyed out page with a bang in the center" if I leave the 'Backup Reports' page up. This is not the same as the other pages that, after around 45 minutes, grey out and pop up a dialog stating the page will expire in 2 minutes without additional user activity nor the later state once the page has actually expired.

Pete Sharman -- I can provide additional screenshots and/or config details if you'd like to see a second case of the same. I don't believe we have any TCP timeouts set.


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Subject: EM 12c console times out after about 10 minutes

Hey all,

My next EM issue is that the console times out after about 10 minutes. The webpage goes "grayish" and depending what page I was on, sometimes there's a single small "bang" in a yellow triangle in the middle of the page where I can click on the page to restart the auto-updating of the metric displays, but other times the webpage is completely inaccessible, except to reload from the browser.

I did set the console timeout as per the install guide using:

./emctl set property -name oracle.sysman.eml.maxInactiveTime -value 900 -sysman_pwd mysysmanpwd

...and restarted the OMS. But since the default timeout is supposed to be 45 minutes, the 10 minute timeout I'm getting happens way before that anyway.

Specifically, I'm seeing this on a database "Home" page (with the "bang"), and the database "Performance Home" page (without "bang").

Anyone else seeing this? My 12c is all on a single OEL 5.8 x86_64 box w/2 CPUs and 6GB RAM. I'm using various browsers including FF 11.0 (unsupported) and IE 8 (supported), with consistent results between them.



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