Re: v$sql - executions vs loads vs invalidations

From: Gerry Miller <>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2012 22:37:31 +1000
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These cursors don't have a high version count; there is only one of each, but it has been loaded thousands of times.

I just had a look at Tanel's script and I have already run some queries against X$KSMSS , which suggested that the problem is with subpool 2 (out of 4). I then ran this query:
KGHLUNFU "ORA-4031|ERRORS", KGHLUNFS "LAST ERROR|SIZE" FROM SYS.X$KGHLU and it said that ALL of the ORA_04031 errors occurred in subpool 2. Until then I was sceptical about subpool imbalance being the cause but now I am not so sure.

Thanks for your help on this.


GG wrote:
> Good , You've got MOS access ,so
> follow *Troubleshooting: High Version Count Issues [ID 296377.1]
> and then **Script - Determine reason for high Child Cursor Count -
> V$SQL_SHARED_CURSOR [ID 1422573.1] .
> And I recommend following Carlos Sierra advice related to '*SQLT
> XTRACT' as he is the Author :) that neat tool .
> I had bad experience with cursor sharing similar but looks like FORCE
> could cause troubles as well (unsafe binds).
> Speaking about shared pool imbalance You can use Tanel script:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> -- File name: sgastatx
> -- Purpose: Show shared pool stats by sub-pool from X$KSMSS
> --
> -- Author: Tanel Poder
> -- Copyright: (c)

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