FW: Using multiple NICs for Oracle dNFS

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If you could forward my response to the list, I'd appreciate it, as somehow my posting to the list is broken.

The short answer is that they can be in the same VLAN, but different *logical* networks, or different VLANs and different networks.

The longer answer is that you need something like

Nic0 -
Nic1 -

And on the filer:

Nic0 -
Nic1 -

You can have them on the same VLAN or different, it doesn't really matter at this point. If they're on the same network, so, for example: is nic0 and is nic1, the box will not properly load balance traffic between the two networks.

When you say traceroute, what does the output look like? If you're expecting to get 10gb speeds, you really need to make sure that there are no routers in between your filers/NAS heads and your database machines.



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Subject: Using multiple NICs for Oracle dNFS

When configuring multiple NICs (two in our case) for dNFS per RAC server, do all NICs need to be in the same VLAN (assuming that private dedicated VLANs are used) or does each NIC need to be in its own private VLAN? We have configured two 10GbE NICs in a private VLAN on each RAC node. However, when I run trace-route (these are Solaris boxes) from the dNFS NIC IPs to the NAS IP, trace-route works fine on one NIC and not on the other and this behavior is consistent on all RAC nodes where trace-route is working fine on one of the NICs and not on the other. Our networking people are not able to figure out what is causing it. Our Unix people believe that if multiple NICs are part of the same VLAN then the traffic will go out (to NAS) only from one NIC but will be received by both NICs (from NAS). I am not a networking expert and would appreciate if anyone can provide some feedback.  






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