switch DG to 64bit with no downtime?

From: kathryn axelrod <kat.axe_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 09:24:03 -0700
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I opened an SR for this as well but haven't gotten anywhere with it yet :)

I have a primary and physical standby - both 32bit - and want to switch them to 64bit with no downtime.

It's, rhel4.0 and thus supported for a 32primary>64standby and vice versa so that shouldn't be an issue [note 413484.1]. But the actual part of getting the 32's switched is where i'm stuck..

In hypothetical land, I start with a 32bit standby and 32bit primary and two waiting 64bit servers (with installed oracle homes). I add a standby to the configuration that runs off the 64bit home (though it's a copy of 32bit db data, so it's not fully 64bit yet).. Then, come switchover point [note 414043.1], i'd have to: shutdown primary
startup upgrade the standby ..run utlirp ... shutdown/startup properly..run utlrp..

But - as above - in order to convert the db to 64bit, i have to 'startup upgrade'/run utlirp - which is in essence downtime. Is there any way to fully convert the standby *before* switchover such that the only downtime is the blip of switchover?? Or any other way that wouldn't involve downtime?

Thank you!

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