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> you can actually get BETTER support than running Oracle on native hardware.
The "single throat to choke" ruse is bantered about all too often. Buy your entire stack from a single vendor and yours is the single throat being choked.

That is the reason Oracle on Open Systems was a great alternative to mainframes and mini's of the late 80s. We've come full circle.

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Oracle fully supports their products when virtualized under VMware. Please see MOS note 249212.1

Basically, they will support you until they believe the issue is with VMware at which point they will tell you to contact VMware. Please note VMware has a dedicated group to working just Oracle on VMware issues, so when virtualizing Oracle on VMware, you can actually get BETTER support than running Oracle on native hardware.

Please check out some of the blog articles I've written on this:

Having said all that, I have Grid Control 11g and 12c both running fine under VMware, monitoring a variety of Oracle DBs on various OSs, all running under VMware.


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> > Hi,
> >      From what I understand, Oracle does not support
> > any of their products on VMWARE.
> >      With that said, has anyone installed grid control on VMWARE ?
> > If so, were there any issues ?
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