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From: Aragon, Gabriel (GE, Corporate, consultant) <"Aragon,>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 22:52:04 -0500
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first of all my apologies if you consider this highly offtopic, I have already posted this in a couple of linux forums w/o luck, so I wanted to try here since I know that some dba’s are also very good sysadmins.

I need some help with a Linux issue, I’m sending an email on Solaris 10 using telnet to port 25 inside a heredoc:

telnet localhost 25 <<XXX
MAIL FROM: xxx_at_mymail.com
RCPT TO: yyy_at_mymail.com
SUBJECT: mysubject

Nothing here

XXX However when doing same in Linux RHEL5 it does not work, I mean, nothing is sent, no error returned, but doing this line by line w/o heredoc on Linux, it works. I have another commands with heredoc like sqlplus and they work fine, so issue seems to be with telnet + heredoc, maybe there is something I’m doing wrong, any help would be appreciated.

Gabriel Aragon

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