Re: Red Hat Linux or Oracle Unbreakable Linux

From: Subodh Deshpande <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 07:36:07 +0530
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I think, some information is still missing.. what is your present hardware, from past how many years you are using it, storage, size of database, what is your database growth every year.

how many users use the system..and what exactly they they just pull the data using some report tool or do they load bulk data or update load going to increase in future either by increase in no of users in same application or by procurement of new modules or by procurement of altogether different applications.

then you should think of which intel server cpu you will be can use rhel or ee linux from oracle (mostly this will be more stable for ebiz)..think on how kernel responds to your ebiz the os can handles disk i/o, backup loads etc

I think there are some of the points you should consider..thanks..subodh

On 2 March 2012 00:58, <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Its been a while since I contributed... Ooops! Hopefully this strings
> will help others preparing to upgrade and migrate.
> Need to decided witch operating system to migrate to.. but I need to know
> the answer of why that particular operating system is/was chosen.
> We currently run on:
> AIX 5.3
> Applications
> Database
> Two Tier Enviroment Node 1 - Forms/Apache - Node2 Database Concurrent Mgr.
> Shared File system between each Node -- as current as can be to stay
> support with Payroll.
> Planning to go to Intel Processors:
> Then use VM-Ware -- then our largest concern is which Operating System to
> use and Why?
> Thinking is we we have better Oracle Support for the Operating System if
> we Use Unbreakable EE Linux from Oracle.
> Wanting to know why folks use Red Hat for this type of environment -- and
> not unbreakable? Wanting holes shot into the oracle Unbreakable theory of
> support. (other than having all your eggs in one basket).
> Can someone give me support stories from both vendors? (good and bad
> PLEASE!!) it doesn't have to be attached to this tread -- hit me up
> directly.
> Too -- We are Not sure What Operating system version is certified and if
> we can even find the original Oracle Installation CD's for an 11.5.10
> environment from Can anyone please enlighten me.
> After all of this -- we plan to ugprade to a stable version of Financials
> and not necessarily 12.1.3 and we need an operating system version that is
> going to be current (meaning not to plan for another operating system
> upgrade).
> Thanks
> Greg B.

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