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I tend to agree, with an exemption for things like student databases and other sorts of things being used by non-professionals. And of course those databases would be entirely separate from anything remotely smacking of production. (And the dev and test databases ARE production to developers and testers, with a higher waste cost per outage hour than many production databases.) Even for students you might want it off for some schemas though, so I still like Toons' idea of triggers for that case.  

Cary mentioned a theory he has that if one of those windows confirmation chicklets popped up that read "Hit ok if you want to end the universe" that either nearly everyone or everyone would hit the doggone thing anyway.  


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I'm with Nuno on this. We survived several releases of Oracle without a recyclebin ( btw, I also turn it off in Windows - if I have to use Windows ). While it may come in handy at occasions that doesn't make it a necessity. Everyone needs to learn that there are consequences to every action, so think twice before you do something destructive - and a drop is not the only destructive action possible.  

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Nuno, don't you have concern about inadvertent drops of tables?


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And that's one of the reasons why recycle bin is disabled in all my dbs.  

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