Re: list of hosts used by oracle for EM patching

From: Yong Huang <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 10:33:38 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>


How about just allow the entire * domain? The comes into the picture because may resolve to IP's managed by the Limelight Networks company (see Note:816117.1 but ignore the suggested solution). I think it's silly to open up to the entire domain of because of this. It's true Oracle sometimes uses other domains such as (for images). But EM doesn't need to contact any server on that domain.

Regarding the proxy setting, Note:1151893.1 may help. But I have no real experience.

Yong Huang

  • Original message ----- does anyone have a list of oracle's hosts for which communication is required for EM patching and provisioning to work correctly. I have

as provided by support. Today we've discovered first of all and now - I imagine there maybe more. Not unreasonably my client is asking for a complete list of changes to the firewall to be made - oracle do have a note asking us to trust *. but looking at that doesn't seem reasonable either to me or to the network guys.


Niall Litchfield
Oracle DBA

p.s. If I could get the proxy to work in practice rather than just on the test proxy page I'd be laughing..
p.p.s and they made me apply 410mb! of patches even though it was clearly a comms issue. grrrrrrr       

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