Re: Why is Oracle unaffordable?

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Tue, 09 Nov 2010 19:59:57 +1100
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Kellyn Pedersen wrote,on my timestamp of 9/11/2010 6:55 AM:

> performing poorly. When someone comes to me with the blanket statement, "SQL
> Server and MySQL just can't stand up to 24X7 database requirements" I laugh.
> It's not the database platform that failed the requirements, it's the person
> that installed it and the database design.

Invariably, one of the "cheap developers" that seem to be the alternative to "expensive dbas" nowadays... Same problem here. First two years where I am now, we saved >$2M in M$ fees by simply combining and consolidating the myriad "databases" - one server for each!!! - installed all around the place, into three major production servers. Now we spend <$200K in M$ fees.
Same was done for Oracle, down to three major production servers from >10. Regardless of what M$ and Oracle might think of that loss of revenue, I think that was not a bad return for investing in an "expensive dba". Particularly since the salary for said dba is much, much less than the licence fees...

> when I say this- I have created SQL Server environments with web properties that
> can out perform Oracle for the same purpose and function. Before I was brought
> in to tune them, they ran like dogs though. They weren't properly designed,
> properly configured, tuned or installed. This takes time and expertise and
> Microsoft has made it way to easy for just anyone to create a SQL Server db.


> I truly believe this is because it was built by someone who is a DBA, who knows
> his/her craft. Databases shouldn't be easy to install and configure for anyone.

Yeah, and I'll bet no one properly costed that "expensive" dba against the prior waste in licensing. In another year or so when all is forgotten about the previous bad performance, they'll be after said "expensive dba" like a ton of bricks. Aided of course by every marketing department and sales group out there willing to "prove" they can place a "much cheaper" dba.

And the madness goes on...

Nuno Souto
in hazy Sydney, Australia
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