Re: Why is Oracle unaffordable?

From: Kellyn Pedersen <>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 14:15:42 -0800 (PST)
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Come on, Dick-  We spike the kool-aid over on the Microsoft side with some 
really, really good schtuff... :)
Kellyn Pedersen
Sr. Database Administrator

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Sent: Mon, November 8, 2010 1:39:40 PM
Subject: RE: Why is Oracle unaffordable?

    Hear Hear.  But as my boss says, anyone can run setup.
    No, don't drink the Microsoft Kool-Aid.

Dick Goulet 
Senior Oracle DBA 

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Subject: Re: Why is Oracle unaffordable?

I'm going to throw a little twist into this discussion.  As much as people 
complain about the need for a GUI and the "why or why Oracle must be made so 
complicated", I'm a multi-platform DBA that consistently goes into shops as an 
Oracle DBA who ends up doing major overhauls on SQL Servers and MySQL db's 
because they are so easily designed to be installed and configured by anyone.  
This results in the databases being installed and configured WRONG and in turn, 
performing poorly.  When someone comes to me with the blanket statement, "SQL 
Server and MySQL just can't stand up to 24X7 database requirements" I laugh.  
It's not the database platform that failed the requirements, it's the person 
that installed it and the database design.

This will most likely get everyone in a more heated battle than anything else 
when I say this-  I have created SQL Server environments with web properties 
that can out perform Oracle for the same purpose and function.  Before I was 
brought in to tune them, they ran like dogs though.  They weren't properly 
designed, properly configured, tuned or installed.  This takes time and 
expertise and Microsoft has made it way to easy for just anyone to create a SQL 
Server db.

In my current shop we have a MySQL db farm that was designed by one of my fellow 
DBA's that recently replaced a massive Oracle environment due to cost 
constraints.  This time it was the Oracle database that was installed and 
configured by a novice.  It was a nightmare and the MySQL db's are kicked butt 
and taking names right now vs. what Oracle was able to do for the requirements 
of this application...  

I truly believe this is because it was built by someone who is a DBA, who knows 
his/her craft.  Databases shouldn't be easy to install and configure for 
anyone.  They should require expertise and this leads us to the answer to your 
question about Oracle being unaffordable:

Because in the end, you get what you paid for... :)
Kellyn Pedersen
Sr. Database Administrator

From: RP Khare <>
Sent: Mon, November 8, 2010 2:31:07 AM
Subject: Why is Oracle unaffordable?


I don't want to initiate a religious war. I have been using MySQL since last two 
years in production environment. I used SQL Server Express and Oracle Express 
before. I have no complaints with either of the databases, except that Oracle is 
over expensive and the architecture is unnecessarily complicated. I want to know 
whether the complexity of the Oracle architecture and its ever demanding need 
for a dedicated DBA is worth paying or not.  If you are an Oracle disciple, I 
don't want to hurt you and my views here are totally unbiased.

I need an embedded database for a shrink-wrapped application. I looked around 
for the alternatives. I read about SQL Server CE, SQL Anywhere and BerkleyDB. I 
want to try BerkleyDB, but the prices are too high. You could afford and 
enterprise class IBM DB2 or Sybase Adaptive Server or SQL Server with a far 
lesser amount.

Oracle is a good product but it is beyond the reach of customers other than big 
giants who pump in too much money just to keep those DBAs happy, who sit around 
that black dump command line screen. Why it can't be GUI and simple and 


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