Re: "Long" hostnames, Oracle 9+10 and HP-UX

From: Paul McManus <>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 19:32:27 -0000
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May not help but I remember running into issues with the early stages of a 10g R2 RAC installation where hostnames had hyphens present. After they were changed to underscores the installation went without a hitch - will dig through notes to see if it was based on real facts or a hunch  


>Hello Niall,
>you mean the hyphen character in the host name? I thought so, too and
>tried to find some documentation or other pointers to support my
>thoughts - especially when trying to argue with Ops. But so far I
>haven't found anything on MOS that goes like "don't use hyphens in

>The only trouble we have so far is our own admin tool (DB with APEX),
>that cannot create tables using the host name when there's a hyphen in
>it (not allowed for Oracle object names).

>Best regards,

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