RE: "Long" hostnames, Oracle 9+10 and HP-UX

From: Goulet, Richard <>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 14:12:22 -0400
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        Same problem here. We filed a tar with MOS and got back that it is a bug in the Oracle kernel & should be fixed in 11gR2.

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA

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Subject: "Long" hostnames, Oracle 9+10 and HP-UX

Dear fellows,

at my current site we got a bunch of new DB servers running under HP-UX. The servers are configured to support host names up to 64 characters and some of them already exceed the former 8 character limit.

After starting up an Oracle 10gR2 instance, I found in the logs and traces that the host name was truncated to 8 characters. The same can be observed in v$instance or sys_context('userenv','host').

So far I found only one document describing this on MOS but no further pointers to potential problems or bugs.

Do you have any experiences with this?
Would you recommend to switch back the hostnames to 8 characters?




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