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From: Martin Klier <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 10:31:38 +0200
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Dear Amir!
  1. One global approach is parallelization - provide a greater number of concurrently usable(!) tape channels, and it will speed up 99% each. I agree, this is an expensive way, but equally efficient.
  2. The customer should consider an incemental or differential backup solution, if this is appropriate, only the customer and the guy working with the customer can know.
  3. Another thought is to migrate to some kind of split mirror backup, though it has to be carefully checked for pitfalls with ASM. Especially if ASM mirrors across more than one storage subsystem, or worst, over storage subsystems from different vendors, it makes this approach impossible.
  4. The fourth and last think I can think of, is a special backup disk array. Fast and cheap fibre channel disk subsystems are available at about 15.000 EUR, they can reside $SOMEWHERE in the SAN and you can do all that you want with RMAN without need for any kind of backup software if you don't have needs beyond encryption and compression.

Ah, compression: Of course, switching off compression may speed up the whole process a lot, especially if you are using the to-disk-option (4) .

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>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | >--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Folks, One of our large client has a very large DB (~40TB) configured with ASM. They are currently using RMAN to back it up to tape and it takes a very long time to do that. They have also tried backing up to disk but the timing has not really improved much. What they are looking for is ways to speed up the backup and restore timing. I am not directly involved with this client and do not have extensive experience with ASM and RMAN either. Are their any ways and best practices to speed up backups on ASM for very large DBs. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Amir -- --
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