RE: Data Guard implementation : Question about role transition

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Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 12:51:15 -0400
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        What exactly are you trying to out? That the data made it to the standby site? If so, stop the managed recovery and open the database read only. Afterwards you can resume standby operations without having to rebuild the database. But note that on a real failover or switchover you can't just open the standby database, but have to shutdown first.

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Subject: Data Guard implementation : Question about role transition

Chapter 7 of the data guard implementation guide describes about role transitions. There are two scenarios which are described here (a) failvoer (b) switchover.
What if I really dont want to do both of them. I want to test my standby by breaking it, but dont want to make it primary. My standby is in a remote location and I just want to set it up, break the standby (when the primary is up) and see if I can make it work. Once this works, the idea is to rebuild the standby and it would be in managed recovery state
The standby is in a DR site which ideally I want to failover during an actual DR but I want to test my standby setup (on whether I can break it etc) before the acctual DR and document the procedure.

When I tried to keep primary up and try to break the standby , it would not allow me even though I disable the log_archive_Dest_2.

Thank you for any pointers

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