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Do they have Microsoft Tools on their desktops?  

You can create a simple MS Access database that simply links to Oracle with ODBC to allow them to do what you need.


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Server Oracle
Client - Windows, no oracle client, ODBC connection to server


My client has a requirement to install *something* on a windows client that will used by a not-so-techie manager to allow him/her (if in the USA please read just "her" (LoL)) to update a 200 - 300 row table.

The table will not be frequently updated, perhaps only 2-3 rows a week and mostly just adding a new row.

I've been asked not to install any "software" as such, but instead an exe to allow him/her to make these updates.

I realise that the last sentence is pretty ambiguous, but what is meant (I believe and will confirm) is that I'm not to install things like Oracle Client, MS Access etc, but instead a tool that will provide simple (GUI if poss) access to this one table and nothing else.

My initial thought is to knock up a simple perl/DBI script that runs in a cmd tool.
Simple, no thrills. I could create a pre-configured (ODBC connection details) exe from the perl script and
deliver that.

But the perl exe is unlikely to look too good, and although it may well tick all the boxes from a functional perspective I'd prefer to deliver something a little more "flash". So I could spend some looking into Perl/Tk (which I've not used before) to create a nice GUI. How hard would that be (I have done a lot of perl progamming) . Thoughts? Anyone point me in the direction of a template I could use? Or doco?

My other thought is to provide a web page. But this would need to be installed on the server (wouldn't it?)
A cgi script? I think that this wouldn't be a go-er if code had to be installed on the server though.

Any pointers much appreciated


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