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Re: SUSE or Red Hat

From: Ray Stell <>
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 17:12:41 -0500
Message-ID: <>

Sorry for the ms comment.

I found this one to be pretty helpful, also.

The neat thing about dtrace is that it can be put in place to turn up the debug instruments when conditions are met. This is great when you are chasing something that is transient. Bugs can be like that.

But, the important point is that sun is not really supported as well as win&lin.

On Mon, Oct 31, 2005 at 03:57:29PM -0600, Jesse, Rich wrote:
> I'm in no way an M$ supporter, but having spent the last month working
> on a plan to migrate our Oracle clients on M$ from 8.0.5 to, I
> can tell you that there are wonderful free tools at
> that will help debug many Windohs programs,
> including finding out that a program using OO4O to connect to Oracle is
> pulling an OCIW32.DLL from System32 (it doesn't belong there) instead of
> the ORACLE_HOME\bin directory, causing a cascading failure of OCI calls.
> Noteables from the website:
> Utilities
> - File and Disk
> Filemon: This monitoring tool lets you see all file system activity
> in real-time.
> - Processes and Threads
> Regmon: This monitoring tool lets you see all Registry activity in
> real-time.
> - System Information
> Process Explorer: Like Windohs' "Task Mangler" but muuuuch better.
> HTH! GL!
> Rich
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> Subject: Re: SUSE or Red Hat
> Sadly, oracle support of Solaris has really faded, which is really
> irritating given how 10 is looking. Have you looked at dtrace?
> It's the tool you have been looking for all your computing life.
> The key-word below is "concisely." When I saw it in action I was in
> awe.
> Come to think of it, dtrace might be the reason oracle doesn't support
> solaris as well; little the OS or an app does is behind the scenes with
> dtrace in your tool belt.
> "DTrace is a comprehensive dynamic tracing framework for the Solaris
> Operating Environment. DTrace provides a powerful infrastructure to
> permit administrators, developers, and service personnel to concisely
> answer arbitrary questions about the behavior of the operating system
> and user programs."
> I wonder if M$ has a dtrace-like tool for users ;)

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