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Re: Disaster Recovery Exercise - correction

From: Charlotte Hammond <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 02:53:15 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <>

Hi Tony,

I'm not sure if this is all you need, but have you tried:

ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE 'X:\old\redo.log' TO 'Y:\new\redo.log';

For all your redo logs before doing an open reset logs.


>> <>
>> Sent by:
>> 28/10/2005 11:07
>> Please respond to t_adolph
>> To: "ORACLE-L"

>> cc:
>> Subject: Disaster Recovery Exercise -
>>Hi all,
>>I'm just playing with a test database and trying
different DR scenarios. My d
atabase is in archive log mode.
>>I'm simulating a total loss of online redo logs. I
have only 2 logfiles and I
've put both of them on a thumb drive.
>>Please ignore the last post, I missed something out,
sorry. I'll try again...
>>I've made a full online / hot backup (ts begin
backup; copy dbf; ts end backup
). I have all archived redos online.
>>So far:
>>a) pulled the thumb drive out (sorry Windows
people, but itrs a good way to
 simulate a disk failure) - so loose online redos
>>b) shutdown abort
>>c) startup and try to open, get the error that
the redo are unavailable.
>>Normally here, I'd have to make sure the disk that
failed was operational read
y for my "reset redos". Then recover the datafiles from backup and do a "recover
 database until cancel", CANCEL, "open database resetlogs"
>>But, I want to assume that the drive that failed is
totally buggered (dead, k
aput etc for the non-English out there :-) ), so I proceed as follows:
>>d) add two new redo logs on another drive.
>>d.1) droped the inactive redo log, leavig the
active, but missing redo log.
>>e) restore the dbf files from backup
>>f) recover database until cancel... RETURN,
RETURN, CANCEL (at missing arch
ive redo)
>>This is where my knowledge lets me down... I wanted
to open reset logs, but ob
viously Oracle wants to re-create the active redo log (that was on the dead driv
e). I tried to drop it, but (again obviously) Oracle complains that its require
d for recovery.
>>I tried (just as a hack, rather than expecting it to
work) to clear the redo l
og, but that fails as Oracle tries to recreate the missing log... but again, the
 drive no longer exists.
>>How do I tell Oracle that I'm trying to do a Point
In Time recovery and to for
ce the drop of the active redo log?
>>PS : Oracle on WinNT
>>PPS : please no posts about how stupid my setup is.
I know that, its just an
exercise in DR. Thanks.

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Received on Fri Oct 28 2005 - 04:56:06 CDT

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