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Disaster Recovery Exercise - correction

From: <>
Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 11:07:39 +0100
Message-ID: <BAY103-DAV1060D8C87D2BD6FBEF0068FA6B0@phx.gbl>

Hi all,

I'm just playing with a test database and trying different DR scenarios. My database is in archive log mode.

I'm simulating a total loss of online redo logs. I have only 2 logfiles and I've put both of them on a thumb drive.

Please ignore the last post, I missed something out, sorry. I'll try again...

I've made a full online / hot backup (ts begin backup; copy dbf; ts end backup). I have all archived redos online.

So far:

  1. pulled the thumb drive out (sorry Windows people, but itrs a good way to simulate a disk failure) - so loose online redos
  2. shutdown abort
  3. startup and try to open, get the error that the redo are unavailable.

Normally here, I'd have to make sure the disk that failed was operational ready for my "reset redos". Then recover the datafiles from backup and do a "recover database until cancel", CANCEL, "open database resetlogs"

But, I want to assume that the drive that failed is totally buggered (dead, kaput etc for the non-English out there :-) ), so I proceed as follows:

d) add two new redo logs on another drive. d.1) droped the inactive redo log, leavig the active, but missing redo log. e) restore the dbf files from backup
f) recover database until cancel... RETURN, RETURN, CANCEL (at missing archive redo)

This is where my knowledge lets me down... I wanted to open reset logs, but obviously Oracle wants to re-create the active redo log (that was on the dead drive). I tried to drop it, but (again obviously) Oracle complains that its required for recovery. I tried (just as a hack, rather than expecting it to work) to clear the redo log, but that fails as Oracle tries to recreate the missing log... but again, the drive no longer exists.

How do I tell Oracle that I'm trying to do a Point In Time recovery and to force the drop of the active redo log?

PS : Oracle on WinNT
PPS : please no posts about how stupid my setup is. I know that, its just an exercise in DR. Thanks.

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