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From: Ram K <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 20:14:35 -0400
Message-ID: <>

When a person starts learning the DBA side of things they see tremendous amount of information, spread among hundreds of Oracle manuals (which change every version), let alone books, online sources, etc. Even if we consider the manuals only, reference to a specific topic probably could be found in 200 different locations in 10 different manuals. It is quite possible the answer may be in one manual, but when I am a beginner it gets difficult for me to sort things out. This could be sometimes overwhelming if I am new to the topic.

So when people who are experienced see such questions, it will be greatly helpful if they can put themselves in the shoes of beginners for a bit. If you like an analogy let us say some of the very experienced DBAs set to learn medicine. There are thousands of manuals and books. All the terminilogy, the talk, the terms, etc will be completely new. It will be very confounding to them. The questions they ask may sound very basic to experienced doctors. New learners of Oracle are in a similar situation.  Experts: please bear with us. Thanks as always for all your help which we get for free here :)


 On 10/19/05, Murching, Bob <> wrote:
> > I am not sure how we can collectively balance out as you suggested.
> > Should we take turns ask one mid to advanced question for every newbie
> > question posted to keep this list interesting?
> First, for the record, I agree with much of what you said; the concern I
> have is that this list isn't necessary "better" if it concerns only
> questions that less than 20 people on the planet are qualified to answer.
> Some of the best discussion I see here begins rather innocuously with a
> newbie question that evolves into something much more interesting... people
> read the original question and ask it again but with a different spin. Some
> of these innocent questions have led to the so-called experts disagreeing
> with each other and making for some interesting debate. It would be a shame
> to see all that gone. The best signal sometimes comes with a little bit of
> noise.
> To answer your question.... absolutely. That's exactly what people should
> be doing. The list is what its members make it. If you feel that the content
> doesn't meet a certain bar, then raise the bar by asking tough questions or
> offering answers of a caliber that you feel should set the standard. Or take
> the newbie question and rephrase it in a way that takes it to the "next
> level" (whatever that may mean.)
> Bob

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