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From: Richard Ji <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 13:56:18 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Alright, I will get bashed by saying this, but so what. This list used to have a lot of experts and I mean very experts in the Oracle field. I am seeing a trend where the experts on this list is writing less and less. And maybe it's because they are all just too busy, but I think part of it is because
this list has turn into a more newbie list and not everyone has Tom Kyte patience answering newbie questions. I remember there was a discussion a while ago about creating a separate list for entry level questions and the mid-level
to advanced discussions, but it got nowhere.

I am not sure how we can collectively balance out as you suggested. Should we take turns ask one mid to advanced question for every newbie question posted to keep this list interesting?


On 10/19/05, Murching, Bob <> wrote:
> I don't mind occasional questions whose answers can be searched. The vast
> majority of questions asked here could be answered by searching the net, if
> not tahiti then one of the many sites that Google indexes. Besides, when
> someone asks a question whose answer is reasonably well known, usually two
> things very good things happen:
> 1. Many subscribers learn something that we might not otherwise have
> learned if the question had never been asked---irrespective of whether or
> not the answer is in the Oracle manual!
> 2. People with midrange skill sets get to exercise their ability to
> communicate, answer questions, help others out. If "RTFM and only come here
> if the answer is not in the manual nor online" is the policy of this list,
> then this list becomes the exclusive domain of questions that only experts
> can answer. I don't see that as anything to be particularly proud of.
> Dialogue and traffic on the mundane generally is of greater benefit than
> being a witness to the esoteric.
> If it's really egregious then it needs to be put to a stop, and that
> balance is something we collectively have to work out amongst ourselves. I
> don't think we should err to either extreme, however, and in fact I think
> the current makeup of questions on this list is pretty good.

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