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Re: BEA and Java Connection Pooling

From: Norman Dunbar <>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 16:42:58 +0100
Message-Id: <>

>>> "Michael Fontana" <> 10/19/05 04:28pm >>>

>> Has anyone had experience with BEA weblogic and powerportal
>> large amounts of oracle connections (connection pooling is what
>> call it)?


We have BEA WebLogic and it is a mojor PITA as far as I am concerned. I personally have a number of problems with it :

I cannot shut down my database unless I bin the listener first - the WebLogic connections keep coming back in. If I have to bounce the DB in restricted mode, they still get in (don't ask, the user they are connecting to has restricted session - I don't know why yet !) - so kill off the listener then bounce to stop them getting in.

It's Java. (Apologies to Java developers, but I simply hate this language !)

The systems are configured to have a certain number of connections 'pooled' so I end up with a dozen connections to my database. This is fine, but it appears that these things stay connected by dint of a regular 'select * from dual' query (parsed every time of course !), over the course of the session, I get lots of logical I/O on these - I'll be gald to get on 10g where there is the 'fast dual' plan and zero logical I/Os.

>> ... due
>> to routine maintenance as well as unplanned disruptions), that
> these connections persist, they no longer successfully query databases.

Same here. If the database does go down, and restarts, these connections are found to be present, but effectively dead. The actul WebLogic application cannot communicate with the DB. You have to restart the WebLogic managed services before the thing works again. So much for the keepalive 'select * from dual' stuff !

>> This is, of course, as I am told by our development management, a
As you are probably aware, this is total 'bollox'. EVERYTHING is the database's fault wherever you are. The problem is in the WebLogic system or the Java Application. It cannot properly re-connect when the database goes down. Now, it could be said that the database going down *is* a database problem, and I'd hardly argue with that point of view, but if a system is *supposed* to reconnect on restoration, and doesn't, then I'd say that was an application (or middle tier) problem myself.


Now, having said all that, my WebLogic guru here tells me that all *should* be well after a db crash/restore if you have ticked the "TestReservedConnections" box in the WebLogic configuration. This is what keeps those "select * from dual" queries running.


Norman Dunbar.
Contract Oracle DBA.
Rivers House, Leeds.

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