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Re: 10g Clusterware (Oracle CRS) documentation ?

From: mhthomas <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 01:15:55 -0400
Message-ID: <>


On 4/7/05, Christo Kutrovsky <> wrote:
> Hello,


> I've never heard about the "H3/H1 timeout" in the documentation ? What
> are those ?

  1. Sorry, I just saw your reply. The H3/H1 timeout are when /etc/inittab CRS processes do not start properly, they are identified as H1, H2, H3 . The errors are cryptic and the H's can get out of sync if you read some of the Notes and Patch Notes. Its challenging to get RAC restarted without reboot after these errors occur.
  2. I recently came across some info on crs_profile from under technology/tech/linux/vmware/cookbook/stage4<whatever> regarding setup RAC on LINUX on VMWare. I do not use the OCFS so I modified my install accordingly (no ocfs rpm, etc).

I simplified the tuning steps w.r.t. 10g SE/RAC/ASM/RAW (no ocfs) under VMWare 5 Build 13124. There were many failures of VIP and NIC /until/ I performed the steps in the following script (basically from the cookbook). However, be careful because you do not need many other cookbook tips.

[root_at_rac71pub root]# cat mike_extract

# root alias:
# alias crshomebin=3D'/u01/app/oracle/product/10.1.0/crs_1/bin'

echo ...
echo "... 1) crshomebin"
echo ...
echo "... 2) Extract the resource from OCR to text:"
echo ...
echo "... ./crs_stat -p > /tmp/"
./crs_stat -p > /tmp/ echo ...
echo "... 3) Update modify the .cap file. Change CHECK_INTERVAL to 900s and= "
echo "... SCRIPT_TIMEOUT to 600s (default is 60 for both):"
echo ...
echo "... ./crs_profile -update -dir /tmp -o ci=3D900,st=
echo ...
echo "... 4) Register the updated resource with OCR (notice -u, update alre= ady"
echo "... registered resource"
echo ...
echo "... ./crs_register -dir /tmp -u"
echo ...
echo "... 5) CRS startup on reboot? Increase CSS misscount (def 60s)"
echo "... With this value a disk IO can take up to 180*.75 =3D 160s"
echo ...
echo "... crshomebin"
echo "... ./crsctl set css misscount 180"
echo ...
echo "... 6) Check current misscount:"
echo ...
echo "... ./crsctl get css misscount"
echo ...=20
echo "... 7) Note:"
echo "...  Ref: Note 276782.1"
echo ...
echo "... cd ~"

cd ~
echo ...

Now, my 10g RAC under VMWare is working great, even with the VMWare v5 swapping everything to disk and my guest RAM of 696MB (may increase back to 1G) on RHEL3U2 LINUX.

3) I am confused by the memory configuration on XP Host with VMWare 5 and I'm not sure how the VM memory preferences work. I edited my Preferences|Memory|Fit all virtual machine memory into reserved host RAM, but I see two different results on XPSP1 host. Under Task Manager under Processes Tab the vmware-vmx.exe Mem Usage =3D 678,172K, but Performance Tab Commit Charge Total =3D 285,356K. Therefore, it appears my laptop still has lots of memory available and uses only 283MB total (?). I do not know why the Process Tab Mem Usage does not sum up to Commit Charge Total.


Mike Thomas

PS: I think there is an internal Oracle Note 276782.1 that describes crs_profile, etc. If anyone can verify/describe/forward that would be nice.

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