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Problem with EM dbconsole reinstall on 10gR1 RAC/ASM

From: mhthomas <>
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 18:17:12 -0400
Message-ID: <>


When I restore a 10gR1 Standard Edition RAC/ASM database on a server, I attempt to run dbca and 'reconfigure' the system with EM dbconsole for that cluster/node. Steps below seem to have worked the best after many trial and errors, and tests.

Ironically, after step #5, dbconsole is installed but the web interface never works properly. Therefore, I am forced to perform step #6 to get EM working on my RAC system. (my questions are below these steps).

  1. shutdown dbconsole, maybe reboot to kill random java threads
  2. drop only EM directory under ORACLE_HOME, e.g. cd $ORACLE_HOME rm -rf myhost.mydomain_mysid1
  3. reinstall EM software, OUI advanced uninstall EM, reinstall EM (optional)
  4. drop EM respository from database
    $ cd $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/admin/emdrep/bin
    $ ./RepManager pilot.calgb 1521 calp1 -action drop
  5. dbca reinstall via reconfigure database
  6. emca (w/options) reinstall over dbca, but first drop EM from database again and leave dbconsole running when you start emca. During emca you will be prompted: "Make sure that DBConsole has been shutdown. When you are ready to continue, press <Enter>" At this time stop dbconsole, and if you have dropped EM from database second time, this will succeed. You will be able to open browser and run EM at http://myhost:5502/em/console/aboutApplication

Steps 1-5 should fix up EM for cluster/asm, but insufficient. Step six trick get EM working on top of cluster, with limitations. If you only do step 6, some tests show s/w missing from dbca install. (my opinions)

My question is about step #6. I've checked the docs on emca and command line options. It appears the correct options should be one of two:

$ emca -c -a

$ emca -a -n mynode {-n superceeds -c}

(c = cluster, a = asm, n = node w/cluster)

Why does the neither configuration above work for me? Can anyone help, or workaround, or different results?

In the first case I get an Java exception, no matter what parameters I use to answer the questions. I know the correct answers because I can successfully configure EM using one parameter or the other, e.g. emca -c or emca -a, but not both.

And, the second command gives this error:

"Apr 8, 2005 1:27:34 PM oracle.sysman.emcp.EMConfig perform
INFO: Current version of Database Control does not support ASM targets for RAC"

Now hold on a second! I thought ASM was mandatory with RAC on standard edition. Okay, its just EM that is unsupported on SE?

Therefore, it appears to me (in my vacuum of knowledge always seeking guidance) that EM on SE RAC/ASM can only be configured with a new database install via dbca. That seems like a heavy limitation in any recovery scenario. I am glad to receive any workarounds, ideas, or suggestions, condolences, snickers, .... :-)

My versions are 10g (I have not tested and its dbca) and RHEL 3 LINUX.


Mike Thomas

PS: When they say EM has extra 'cost' options for SE, I thought they meant $$$ not pain? ;-)

Received on Fri Apr 08 2005 - 20:27:27 CDT

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