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RE: mysql - OT

From: Mohan, Ross <>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 17:12:28 -0000
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echoing Walt "Dream" Weaver, this was a fun read.=20

I liked the bits about surfing pr)n the best. Consider=20 serializing that in future "MyPost" emails, I would.=20

I am just dipping toe into Postgres stuff, but it's been around for almost two decades, has SQL compliance and is ACID, and matches MySQL on speed at all but the highest ranges, while superceding it on file corruption/protection issues, and far superceding it on stable features. Of course, MySQL is adding features all the time.=20

I have to say the postgres install went very very smoothly,=20 and the pl/sql=3D=3D>pl/pgsql transition looks to be very fast, too. Massive addition bennies to being able to do perl, java, python, c, etc function directly in database. neat. Also, in a single user, massive streaming mode, PG keeps up very well with Oracle 9ir2. We get about 120K direct path rows loaded per sec in each. Not too shabby.

I hope this PG stuff pads out my rez, since there's nothing=20 like adding "Niche Opensource Database Dude" to de-commoditize oneself. And at my "older than dirt" age, anything to keep a leg up on you intelligent, energetic, single and rich young'uns is worth its weight in fool's gold.=20

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This is a couple years old but still interesting benchmarking regarding MySQL:,3670,s=3D1590&a=3D23120&po=3D1&i=3D1,00.= asp

MySQL 5.0 now supports stored procedures, triggers, and views, in = particular, and as someone else already mentioned PostgreSQL these = features as well as a host of other advanced RDBMS features for many = years.=20

In the spirit of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) I would embrace = MySQL and consider the learning experience a healthy = smoking or surfing for pornography on Saturdays while the wife is at the = both cases 45 minutes a week and one cigarette afterwards = so what's the big deal. =20

I have developed a couple of LAMP applications and found they are = infinitely less complex thus infinitely simpler to maintain and secure = and in those cases MySQL and the LAMP solution, overall, offered a darn = stable, cheap, and homogenous (runs on Solaris or Linux, for example) = alternative to Access (please reference Star Trek "The trouble with = Tribbles" with regard to Access propagating itself to your enterprise = LAN) or MS SQL Server. Further, MySQL serves and is often recommended as = the backend database to various open source applications such as Snort = IDS (Intrusion Detection System). In that sense, it is worth installing, = configuring, and administrating at least one MySQL database as it is = often coupled with other various open source tools & applications such = as sniffers, intrusion detection systems, web log analyzers, source code = management, etc.=20

On a more practical note, since I am forever flirting with the IT job = market while secretly earning my MTA truck driving certification (don't = tell my wife it's going to be surprise) I have noticed an increased = demand for Oracle DBA experience as a primary skill and MySQL as a = secondary one which still only accounts for around 3 contracts over the = past couple months where I have actually answered the phone (usually I = just turn up the volume on Windows Media Player), spoken with a "person" = or an IT "I Am Sorry I Am Not Technical" Recruiter. The third most = popular skill is the ability to work feral children hopped up on back = pain medication and ready to swing on that kid whose basketball went in = their IT flower garden back in 1976, the same year that handsome Bruce = Jenner won the gold in the decathlon. It's like he was poured into those = 1970's running shorts.=20

On a side note, when I purchase a new car I approach the dealership = under the assumption the middle-aged guy with the singular forehead = sheen from too much Brylcreem whose smoking a cigarette and drinking = coffee in the middle of the showroom whilst polishing his high school = state football championship ring isn't actually the head of Engineering = for General Motors...he's just there to sell yet oddly enough he knows = virtually all of the primary features and cool acronyms from the glossy = brochure despite never owning his own wrench. If someone has them the IT = recruiters of America need the Solaris and Oracle RDBMS glossy colored = brochures...I am working on the one entitled "The Java and You."=20

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Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 4:03 PM
To: oracle_l
Subject: Re: mysql

On Apr 4, 2005 12:54 PM, stephen booth <> = wrote:
> On Apr 4, 2005 7:11 PM, David <> wrote:
> > What are the largest pros and cons involved in discussing mysql=20
> > versus Oracle?


> MySQL doesn't have the recoverability features of Oracle, you lose a=20
> disk and you've lost everything since the last backup.

Not true. MySQL binlogs are similar to Oracle redo logs and can be used = for point-in-time recovery. We have over 200 MySQL databases running 4.x = with binlogs and replication and have experienced no data loss from = server crashes.

> MySQL scaling is a joke.

It certainly isn't in Oracle's league as far as scalaility is concerned.


> Stephen

--Walt Weaver

   Bozeman, Montana


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