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Re: Red Hat developer license

From: Paul Drake <>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 14:03:14 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <>

RHEL Sales: 1-866-273-3428 x 45555

SuSE: (6 month developer package)

> I have a copy of the Oracle Technology Day CDs here,
> on CD 3 there is a link
> called Red Hat Developer Edition of Advanced Server
> 2.1..

might as well kick the tires on RHEL 3.0 ... ES or AS. for the laptop, ES is plenty :)

> It points to the RH page, but no mention of a
> developer license anywhere.
> Fedora yes but that's not what I was hoping for.
> Last year I ran into a similar problem when trying
> to download a developer
> copy of RHAS, I paid the fee and RH provided no
> convenient way of
> downloading the OS -- there were hundreds of
> individual downloads to go
> through.
> I am starting to think maybe I should just go with
> UnitedLINUX.
> Patrice.

Even though the webpage as SuSE does not indicate it, UnitedLINUX is dead. SuSE and Novell do not wish to be associated with SCOG, at least from what I have read at sites like GrokLaw (

Jonathan Gennick could comment again regarding installing Oracle 9i R2 on SLES 8.0, or you could review his comments in the freelists archive.

SuSE announced the 9.1 version of their desktop products, but I did not yet see a mention of the SLES 9 product. Its a bit early for the 2.6 kernels to hit production in the enterprise space.

I haven't been checking the SuSE mailing list. The oracle-linux-l list at fatcity has been very quiet.

If you are running on IBM or HP hardware I'd seriously consider SuSE. If you're a Dell shop, the choice has pretty much been made for you already (RH).

This much I can tell you: (talking trash)

The amount of time it takes to rebuild a storage system on Dell is a HUGE dis-incentive to use their Direct Attached Storage in future projects. (over an hour to re-sync a single 18 GB mirrored set). The Dell | EMC units (Clarion) are pretty sweet, though.



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