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Re: Hot Backups -- to Disk OR to tape direct

From: Jay Hostetter <>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 08:12:56 -0500
Message-ID: <>

We use RMAN to backup to disk. The disks are later backed up to tape. We do this because:

  1. We had a horrible experience with RMANs predecessor - If I recall correctly, it was called EBU. Weeks were wasted trying to get this thing to work with tapes.
  2. The last time I checked (3 years ago? you had to purchase the media libraries to get RMAN to talk to the tape backup software.
  3. The last backup is readily available for restores. I don't have to wait for a tape.
  4. No hassels with the backup software failing or running out of tapes, etc. Just make sure you have enough disk space for backups.
  5. I assume backups to disk are faster than to tape, but this may not always be the case.

If you are using RMAN, you don't need the ALTER TABLESPACE ... commands.


> Conducting a survey here ...
> What is the preferred method of Hot Backups
> {where you do not have a SAN with SnapClones) and
> the database is large [say more than 80GB,
> against the DLT drive of 40GB tapes]
> 1. Scripted Hot Backup to Tape, spanning tapes in
> an AutoLoader configuration [the switching of tapes
> has to be scripted into the Hot Backup]
> 2. Scripted Hot Backup to Disk, followed by a subsequent
> backup to tape
> a. With a compressed image of the DB on Disk
> b. To an uncompressed image on Disk
> Assume : No Media Manager Libraries available for RMAN
> so backups have to be scripted with ALTER TABLESPACE
> BEGIN ... END ...
> Hemant K Chitale

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