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Re: historical performance tool for oracle and/or sql server?

From: Mladen Gogala <>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 15:11:22 -0500
Message-ID: <>

On 03/15/2004 02:50:22 PM, Mogens Nørgaard wrote:

> I recently had lunch with a fine lady, who used to be an account manager
> for IBM, selling mainframe systems to large companies. She isn't
> technical, so I tried to explain about the excellent instrumentation of
> the MVS and Oracle software. She then said: Well, when a large mainframe
> customer decides to upgrade to some new CPU, the boys can tell the
> customer exactly how much the response time will improve (or not) for
> each application in the system.
> Imagine being able to do that in our world.

We can lie, too. Telling someone that the application will work that much faster with that many times faster CPU is what DEC used to call "technical support on the marketing level". What the lady forgot to tell you is the infamous "spiral of death". It goes like this: you are told that the new CPU will speed up your apps by the factor X, so you buy the new CPU, and it fails. Then the IBM-er comes in and proclaims that the thing is not working because you need more memory. You buy more memory, and you still don't reach your goal. Gang from the big blue comes in and tells you that you need new channel controllers to be able to fully utilize all that wonderful RAM you bought. The channel controllers are bought and installed, and the effect is only the fraction of the expected one. Consultants tell you that your machine is hunky dory, but in order to fully utilize the new toy, you need the new release of the OS. After that, you are told that in order to fully utilize the new OS, you need a stronger CPU.... It's nice to see that the fundamentals of the IBM world haven't changed much. What do you think that "IBM" stands for? "I've Been Mugged".

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