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Re: A wierd RMAN problem. Even wierder than Mladen

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Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 08:12:03 -0800
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Have you checked

Re Mladens thoughts on 'crosscheck backup':

The scripts that NetBackup generates are fairly simple.

I don't believe there's and option to do that when configuring a backup with NBU. Someone could have modified the script however.


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 03/06/2004 12:51 PM
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        Subject:        A wierd RMAN problem. Even wierder than Mladen

Okay, it's not really as wierd as Mladen, but I'm having problems figuring it out.  

We're running on RedHat 7.3, a VALinux 4450 with 2GB RAM, disk is an EMC, RAID10 exactly like Gaja says it's supposed to be.  

It's a backend database server supporting customer websites running our product. We have five other database servers doing the same thing and they are fine.  

There are approximately 100 customers on the machine. Average load according to top is 0.50, there is very little load on the machine.  

But, recently (the last few days) when RMAN starts its backup process Oracle exceeds its max# of processes (500) in about a minute. RMAN actually runs for about ten minutes before this happens but it happens on a regular basis now.  

This morning I kicked RMAN off manually and watched things happening on the machine. I monitored v$session and kept doing a ps-efll|grep oracle to see what unix processes were being created. v$session showed just a SYSTEM process (me) and 4-8 SYS processes (RMAN). But, ps showed a ton of LOCAL=NO processes, which indicated customers were connecting to the server. But, when I queried v$session the only connections were me and RMAN.   I killed the RMAN job and everything returned to normal.  

So, why would I see so many LOCAL=NO processes but nothing in v$session? Could it be a listener thing? What could RMAN possibly be doing?  

We're using Veritas NetBackup to communicate with RMAN and write everything directly to tape. The process is identical to how we're doing things on the other five servers, although they serve fewer customers (8-10, but they're big customers).  

Right now I don't have a clue as to why this is happening. Has anyone else seen this sort of thing with RMAN? Got any ideas?  

Okay, I have to head to the airport now and fly to Idaho. For fun. I'm not going to worry about this until I get back in a few hours. But, if anyone has any thoughts on this I'd sure appreciate hearing'em.  

--Walt Weaver

    Bozeman, Montana

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