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RE: Analyze script written by Connor McDonald

From: Koivu, Lisa <>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 15:49:57 -0500
Message-ID: <>

It's BEAUTIFUL! Best thing that's happened all day! Thanks Jacques for your help. I'm so grateful! Lisa

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Subject: RE: Analyze script written by Connor McDonald

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> I ran it in debug mode also and it doesn't list any of the partitioned
> tables within the schema I'm selecting.

Whoops! My mistake, I read the output wrong. It looks like there are some outer joins missing (partitioned tables/indexes will not have a corresponding row in sys.seg$) and the decode for the PARTITIONED column should use the PROPERTY column from tab$ / ind$.
Will this work?
Replace the SELECT statement in analyze_db with this one:

  SELECT segment_TYPE,segment_NAME,owner,     decode(segment_type, 'TABLE', decode(bitand(property, 32), 32, 'YES', 'NO'), 'INDEX', decode(bitand(property, 2), 2, 'YES', 'NO')) partitioned
  bulk collect into

         v_segment_type, v_segment_name, v_owner, v_partitioned   from ( select owner, segment_name, o.subname, so.object_type segment_type, o.obj# object_id,

         from sys.user$ u, sys.obj$ o, sys.ts$ ts, sys.seg$ s, sys.file$ f,

              ( select 'TABLE' object_type, 2 object_type_id, 5 segment_type_id, t.obj#, t.file#, t.block# , t.ts#,

                from$ t
                where bitand(, 1024) =3D 0
                and   bitand(,8192) =3D 0
                union all
                select 'INDEX', 1, 6, i.obj#, i.file#, i.block#, i.ts#,
                from sys.ind$ i
                where i.type# in (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9) ) so
         where s.file# (+) =3D so.file#
           and s.block# (+) =3D so.block#
           and s.ts# (+) =3D so.ts#
           and s.ts# =3D ts.ts# (+)
           and o.obj# =3D so.obj#
           and o.owner# =3D u.user#
           and s.type# (+) =3D so.segment_type_id
           and o.type# =3D so.object_type_id
           and s.ts# =3D f.ts# (+)
           and s.file# =3D f.relfile# (+)
           and not in ('SYS','SYSTEM'))
  where owner =3D nvl(upper(p_owner),owner)   and segment_type =3D nvl(upper(p_segment_type),segment_type)   and mod(object_id,p_int1) =3D p_int2;

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