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ADMIN: Status of list server systems (and update about missing messages)

From: Bruce A. Bergman <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 17:39:44 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Folks --  

I have good news and bad news. ;-) First the good news:  

Several people had mentioned that they've sent messages to some lists but have not seen the posts arrive back to them. These messages DID appear in the archives though. This started roughly 12-Jan-2004. I had previously researched this issue but could find no reason for it happening, nor a solution. Up until today, that is.  

The cuplrit was one of my load balancers for mailing list traffic. It was handling traffic correctly on some of the machines, but squirreling away messages sent to one specific server. I'd estimate about 1/8th of the messages sent to mailing lists since 12-Jan-2004 were not redistributed properly. I have since found and fixed the problem, so this shouldn't happen in the future. I suspect I was only able to re-send a portion of the missing messages, so my apologies for anyone who posted a message that didn't make it to a list. Also, my apologies to everyone who has to deal with the increased traffic of the old messages, plus current messages, plus the inevitable onslaught of re-posts that will occur in the next few days. Please be patient with each other.  

So the good news was: problem found, problem fixed, some catch up done, shouldn't happen again.  

The bad news is that this morning (roughly 7am PST), a construction crew near Fat City cut through a section of telecom cable that was critical for our connection to the net. They've been working feverishly on it all day, but Fat City was off the net most of the day. Until about 3pm PST. I believe things are about back to normal right now, but there's always a ramp-up time to truly get back to normal. My apologies to anyone who was affected by our downtime.  

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please let me know.  

Bruce Bergman
ListMaster, Fat City Hosting


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