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Re: OT: Tomcat, iAS J2EE, OC4J

From: Tanel Poder <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 15:29:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>


> I don't know enough about Java, can someone describe the differences
> the way Tomcat works and OC4J works?

The first difference that comes into my mind is:


1) you download the software
2) you install it
3) you use it

Oracle iAS

1) you download the software
2) you pay $$$ for the license
3) you try to install it
4) you fail and go to iAS administration training
5) you find out, that advanced administration is the course what you need
6) if lucky, you can go to advanced administration as well
7) you try to install it
8) you still fail
9) you pay $$$ for support subscription

10) if [ "$your_wife_has_seen_you_home_during_last_five_days" -eq "1" ]; then
10.1) while [
"$still_hasnt_learned_all_the_small_iAS_installation_issues" -eq "1" ]; do
10.1.1)     you try to install it again
10.1.2)     you fail miserably again
10.1.3)     you contact support and open a TAR
10.1.4)     support asks whether your computer is turned on
10.1.5)     you tell #$&@!
10.1.6)     another analyst from other side of the world contacts you after
6 hours
10.1.7)     he asks which version you are trying to install
10.1.8)     you answer your version
10.1.9)     the analyst recommends you to use the latest version of software
10.1.10) you go out, have a coffee and a cigarette (you gotta buy a pack from local store, because you don't smoke) 10.1.11) you tell the analyst #$&@!
10.1.12) another analyst from a country where is lunchtime when you have 05AM digs up some notes and patches
10.1.13) you try to understand what is meant by "clean your environment" in a note
10.1.14) you fail to understand, get another coffee, go outside and have 3 cigarettes
10.1.15) now you don't care anymore and do exactly what is stated in the note (at least what you think is stated there) 10.1.16) the may relieve your issue somewhat, but you bump to another issue immediately
10.1.17) you update your TAR in metalink 10.1.18) after 2 hours an analyst replies and recommends to open another TAR
10.1.19) done # while
10.1.20) elsif
10.1.21)   go home
10.1.22)   open your laptop
10.1.23)   work from home
10.1.24)   next morning go back to step 10.0.0
10.1.25) fi
10.1.26) eventually you manage to install the software
10.1.27) you start using the server and find out that you have missed a tiny
preinstall patch or note (which was released yesterday) in metalink and have to go back to step 10, because latter configuration changes aren't supported or simply don't work, ocassionally visiting step 9 as well. Going to each of the steps also involves a new, dynamic "X" step, which means buying a pack of cigarettes from whereever available. Some people even make it to Z-point which means cursing and yelling while typing on your keyboard with extreme speed.

So, IMHO, these are the minor differences between the two products.


P.S. Women may replace "your_wife" with "your_husband" in if-construct and single people could replace with your_friends, your_bartender or similar.

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Author: Tanel Poder

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