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Downsized a bit

From: Michael Kline <>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 15:14:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>

It's happening to a lot of us, but I had one happen to me. One of my larger clients decided to go no DBA to save money. On the average they were 10-12 hours a week.

I could use something or a couple of small something to replace them one of these days soon.

I work for a small company, consultants helping consultants, and that doesn't make for much of a sales force.

I've got 20 years of Oracle experience since 4.1.0 and should be able to find something, but I like the idea of the list as we help each other and I've provided input to several others who were in the same boat before...

What I currently do:

Health Assessments. Thank goodness I've got a few of them I'm working on. Basically a full risk analysis and evaluation of how things are in the database. Looking for problems that are hard to find, etc.

Remote DBA. Given a VPN, I can do pretty much what a DBA can except change
tapes, etc. Once trended, I can pretty much give "no more database
surprises". This can include log reviews, and everything else. We're all
DBAs here so I don't need to hit that too hard.

Trending combined with "quick looks". Where I work with staff, and point them in a direction to keep things working smoothly. Some of these arrangements can work out to be very economical. This can be the clean out of large tables, SQL that NEEDS an index, general DBA stuff. The trending goes back 5 samples and allows me to predict when things are going to become a problem or that while we may have a CUSTOMER table needing room for an extent, the current extent will take some 48 weeks or maybe 5 months to fill.

I can send a sample if desired, but please, OFF LIST.

If you know of something, if you need backup for a vacation, what ever. Let me know and we'll find out if we can help each other.

Thanks list.

Michael Alan Kline, Sr.
Phone: 804-744-1545 Cell: 804-314-6262


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